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Smart 1Vth

Smart 2LTh

Technical Parameters

Name: Smart 2LTh - frameless door

Door size: 450x450/510/570 mm

Nominal power: 7.5 kW

Heating range: 3-9 kW

Instantaneous efficency: 90 %

Average efficency: 85 %

CO emission: 1.12 g/m3

Dust emission: 0.016 g/m3

Flue gas temperature: 220 degree C

Exhaust outlet: 180 mm

Air inlet: 150 mm

Fuel type: hardwood

Length of logs: 30 cm

Nominal capacity: 2.4 kg

Fuel consumption: 2.4 kg/h

Construction: fireclay

Weight: 170 kg

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