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Our Advantages

  • Modern double-jacket steel-chammotte construction – tried and proven solution – fireplace that will last for decades

  • Insert’s flue is fully and securely welded to the body without using any sealing materials or screws – welding robots are used and the welding process is carried out in an inert gas backing – high quality and tight joints – security in everyday use

  • Construction elements are cut with 2D and 3D laser cutters and then processed on numerically operated bending machines, including bending process performed by a robot, while mechanical elements are created in an advanced CNC processing center – manufacturing precision of Hajduk, the Polish producer of the European Premium Class inserts

  • Hajduk Fireplace Inserts are painted on a technological painting line: grinding, robot painting and drying are the most modern technologies for the materials of the best quality

  • Heatproof ceramic glass that can withstand temperatures up to 800 °C, it is possible to use a double or pyrolytic glass, depending on the insert model

  • Furnace pipe is led through a very high flue to increase the amount of the heat recovered from the fumes – extra heat recovery means extra money saving each day

  • Exterior air supply and division system Jet Stream Superior with two burning speed controllers leads the primary air through the ashpan and the overfire air to the upper back part of the furnace. Primary air helps to ignite the first and next portions of wood while overfire air allows for economic and ecological combustion – it ensures a precise control over the combustion process

  • Glass auto-cleaning Clear View system – it helps to keep the glass clean

  • Mechanical door lift-up system CLING – a light and precise mechanism that ensures comfortable use

  • Inserts with CLING mechanism are equipped with revision hole accessible from the inside which allows service and repairs without damaging expensive fireplace cover and inlay – there is no additional cost for repairs


Thanks to long years of experience and proven technical solutions we are able to issue a 5-year warranty for traditional inserts, 5-year warranty for water jacket inserts for closed central heating systems and 2-year warranty for custom-size inserts and doors for open fireplaces.

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