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Thanks to this investment, customer service will be in line with the pan-European requirements and standards. Two plants producing fireplace inserts and fireplaces are also located on Strażacka street and the third plant is not far from Gorzow Wielkopolski. They are all well and modernly equipped with the latest technology, including 2 laser cutting machines, two welding robots, plasmas, folding and numerically controlled bending machines (CNC).

Numerically controlled saw for cutting stone, polishing machines, grinders and other mechanisms help in the production of fireplace mantels. The entire manufacturing process takes place in the halls and rooms with a total area of 140000 sq ft! We make sure to deliver the fireplaces and fireplace inserts that suit your needs, conform to increasing environmental requirements and will become  a central place in the life of every family. To achieve those objectives we use the help of a well-trained and experienced staff.

We also use the Quality Management System that ensures the  quality of our products in various stages of manufacturing. All fireplace inserts sold by Hajduk are marked with a special symbol signifying high quality and reliability.

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