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A corner, three-sided or see-thru design of fireplace insert provides wide exposure of custom radiant gas logs. With such designs, umber flames fill out wide open space of your home and are easily visible from multiple locations at your home making fireplace a beautiful centerpiece.

Install anywhere you want - either it's new construction or existing home, innovative shapes, vertical lift system of the access glass door and easily stackable chimney system allows for installation of your favorite design - anywhere you want.

The computerized internal design of fireplace insert with the use of thick steel as an outer frame and clay-chamotte in-lay allows for high efficiency - maximizes usage of heat produced by innovative 30% more efficient RADIANT gas logs.

Combination of our premium quality fireplaces with ADS - Aire Distribution System, allows usage of our fireplaces as a primary or secondary source of heat for your home depends on the geographic region and house design.  Ducting system distributes heat evenly to 4-8 ceiling registers while you enjoy the beauty of amber flames.


A beautiful fireplace built in an attractive spot at your home makes a great focal point, enhance even the most sophisticated of designs and help your home stand out among dozens of great designs.


Our fireplaces will last decades: insert flue is fully and securely welded to the body without any sealing materials or screws; construction elements are cut with 2D and 3D laser cutters and then processed on numerically operated bending machines while mechanical elements are created in an advanced CNC processing center; heatproof ceramic glass can withstand 1470F; mechanical door lift-up system assures comfortable usage and safety.


Thanks to long years of experience and proven technical solutions we are able to issue a 5-year warranty.

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