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HDS  Heat Distribution System

HDS (Heat Distribution System)  converts a traditional wood burning stove into a powerful source of heat.  With its efficient and an ecologic approach to better utilize heat produced by burning wood, our system assures warmth in every corner of your home.  Our time proven HDS Heat Distribution System will give you and your family comfort and safety on cold days...

While enjoying amber flames of wood burning stove - Heat Distribution System efficiently and effectively distributes hot air produced by the stove to multiple home locations at the same time. It is possible with specially designed, filter equipped forced air turbine which moves accumulated hot air from the *heat chamber (cavity) above the wood buring stove. Increased air pressure through ducting system assures delivery of hot air to the desired  locations inside your home. The whole process is controlled by an in-wall electronic control which can be set to Auto or Manual mode according to your preferences.  Well designed HDS with the right heat output of the stove will assure evenly distributed heat  to the entire home of up to 3000sq ft (Ranch Style House) and comfortable temperatures during winter months.

With increasing prices of natural gas and electricity, our system allows to save money on heat without compromising on comfort.  It is the most reliable, independent and self-sufficient system based of renewable energy.  Great to use as a back up system when Natural Gas or Propane delivery are not readily available, or as the only heating system in your home. When combined with solar generator and battery bank - it is a "Fully independent, electronically controlled, off-grid central heating system". 

Heat Distribution System consists of five major components: 

  • Heat Radiator - which dramatically improves heat output and heat extraction produced by wood burning stove or a fireplace insert.

  • Variable speed Turbine designed to move hot air of a temperature above 200F.

  • In-wall electronic Rotational Speed Controller equipped with temperature sensor and auto/manual mode.

  • Hot air Distribution Box with 4" and 5" flexible ducting system.

  • Ceiling Vents - round, high quality made of metal and of high esthetic valours to match any interior design.


HEAT CHAMBER - is made of 3-wall construction (2x2" metal studs framing with fire rated drywall) suspended from the ceiling above  freestanding wood burning stove; with gap of 1" above the top of the stove for an easy upward air flow.

Shown below are steps during walls build-up around metal fireplace insert. Heat Chamber walls are constructed of 2x4” (or 2x2”) metal studs with 250F rated insulation

foam on the inside (optional) and finished with ½” drywall.

For wood burning, free standing stoves, construction of the Heat Chamber is limited to thethree wall construction suspended from the ceiling. In both versions of the Heat Chamber, an important role plays Heat Radiator mounted on top of the stove or a fireplace which dramatically increases heat output.


HDS design is well known on European market for over a decade.  It ensures  more ecologic and efficient use of wood burning equipment by utilizing produced heat to warm up evenly extensive  areas of your home (bedrooms, home office, kitchen, living room etc. ) depending on quantity and location of the ceiling vents. 

Unlimited Exposure Inc. is the exclusive distributor for North America of this time proven, yet innovative system that efficiently utilizes  heat produced by wood burning, free standing stove. With any product related questions, product availability inquiries or to get a quote please go to CONTACT page.

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