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  • HAJDUK fireplace inserts gained notoriety as soon as they appeared on the market – they were noticed not only by fireplace manufacturers and customers in Poland, but also in the whole Europe, even in Germany - the most demanding market of all

  • To be able to sell our products in Germany, we had to acquire special certificates issued by German Research Institutes. Each subsequent series of our products were tested by independent institutes across Germany and due to the perfect construction, our inserts were evaluated and achieved very satisfactory ratings acknowledged with specific certificates.

  • New pan-European norms were introduced a few years ago in the whole EU – that is why we have ordered the research in an accredited institute which stated that our inserts implicitly conform to all European regulations, thus we can mark our products with CE symbol and we are able to sell the inserts all across Europe.

  • The technology changes dynamically today and water jacket inserts are no exception to this rule – when you pit two antagonistic elements against each other, you have to buy a product that is proven and certified, like Hajduk’s insert. Unknown sources and manufacturers without the certification cannot deliver a completely safe product.

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